Custom Form Setup

$197.00 inc GST

Fully Custom Made Form. Simply provide us with your questionnaire and we will do our magic and turn in in to a fully automated registration system tailored to your needs.

* if you are after a more standard pre-exercise questionnaire then  please purchase our “Pre-Exercise Questionnaire Automation (Standard)


This is a fully customised form option. Once you make this purchase, simply provide us with your  questions and we’ll do all the magic. (Turn around time – 7 Working days)

This form can have following features & benefits:

– Automatically Red Flag any medical issues your clients may have before even meeting them
– Help you increase your sales conversion during consults
– Save you hours and hours of your admin
– Get rid of all paperwork for you (and save some trees)
– Make registration process easy for your clients
– Automate the process of storing data safely
– Deliver complete forms both to you and your client via email as a PDF attachment .. all automatically!
– Create one place for you to assess all your new client’s health history