Generate Free Leads Off Your Website With Our WebChat Widget

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Convert More Traffic to Leads with Ease

Are you ready to supercharge your website's potential and turn visitors into loyal customers? Look no further than the WebChat Widget, a powerful software solution designed to revolutionize your online customer engagement.

Discover how this exceptional tool can benefit your business and drive your conversion rates to new heights.

This tool is not just a chat box on your site though...; it's a smart, interactive assistant that helps convert more visitors into potential leads.

Why Your Business Need the WebChat Widget:

Boost Lead Conversion

With the WebChat Widget, you can instantly transform your website into a lead generation powerhouse. By engaging with your visitors in real-time, you can capture their interest when it matters most. We offer two unique chat options: SMS or Email Chat and Live Chat. These options cater to different business needs, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Here's how it works:

SMS or Email Chat

This option collects visitor information for later response via SMS or email. It's perfect for small teams that may not have round-the-clock staffing but still want to engage with their audience effectively.

Live Chat

For larger teams with 24/7 coverage, live chat provides real-time, two-way conversations right on your website. It allows for immediate response and engagement, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting conversion rates.

Seamless Integration with Custom AI Chat Bot:

But that's not all! The WebChat Widget can be integrated with a custom AI Chat bot. Simply provide a URL to any information on your company website, like FAQs, and watch as the bot handles customer inquiries specific to your business. It can even nudge potential leads towards booking a call on a specific calendar through human-like two-way conversations. No more sending links to book - let the bot do the work!

The AI chatbot can:

  • Handle customer inquiries specific to your business with ease.

  • Provide intelligent responses that feel like genuine human interaction.

  • Nudge potential leads towards booking a call on your calendar through engaging two-way conversations, rather than sending a simple link.

Train Your Bot

You can train your bot to respond accurately to customer queries, ensuring a seamless user experience. They way it learns is by you providing it with information about your business... via a URL links.

For example:

You give it your website domain.. It will crawl through your entire website and learns everything it needs to now in order to provide educated answer to any question... even the most technical niche related questions are not trouble!)

Test and Refine Responses

Regular testing and refining of responses will keep your bot up-to-date and effective. Again .. you simply update it by feeding it more information or wipe and start fresh.

Configure Bot's Goal/Intent

Set up your bot's goal or intent to align with your business objectives, making sure every interaction counts. For example to get people booked for an appointment with you.

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