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Need Help Troubleshooting Any Issues? have Questions You seek Answers to? Here are Many ways how You Can get Help:

Learning the Platform

To help you become a master of our platform, we offer interactive help guides, news updates, and a knowledge base. These resources will empower you to fully utilize the capabilities of our software.

Interactive Help Guides

There are over 50+ interactive help guides so that you and your team can easily familiarize yourselves with every aspect of Stand Out From The Pack Software. These guides are perfect for hands-on learners.

By using these interactive learning guides, you will gain confidence in navigating the software. To access a guide, simply click on a button located at the top right corner of the platform.

Knowledge Base with Help articles and video tutorials!

Check out our extensive Support Library, packed with hundreds of helpful videos and articles! 📚🎥 Our library is constantly growing, with new content added all the time to provide you with comprehensive answers to all your questions. Explore the library now to find the information you need! 💡

Exclusive Weekly 'Open Office Hour' Calls with Stand Out From The Pack Software Experts!

These 1-hour Zoom sessions offer you a unique opportunity to get your questions answered, learn from the inquiries of others, and dive deeper into how to make the most of your business with our tools and systems. Available to all Stand Out From The Pack™ customers!

SOFTP Success Portal
with Insider Community, Courses and our affiliate program

The SOFTP Success Portal is your gateway to a thriving community and a hub of resources designed to fuel your business growth. Here's what you can expect:

Insider Community

Engage with a vibrant network of like-minded business owners. Stay informed with the latest announcements, join exclusive webinars, ask questions, and explore potential referral and strategic partnership opportunities.


Access a library of courses tailored to your needs. Revisit courses you've enrolled in and discover new ones to enhance your skills and knowledge. From marketing strategies to advanced software techniques, our courses cover it all.

Affiliate Dashboard

Monitor your success with our intuitive affiliate dashboard. Track your commissions, manage your referrals, and access valuable marketing resources to promote SOFTP effectively. Stay on top of your leads and commissions, and utilize our tools to maximize your earning potential.

Join the SOFTP Success Portal today and take your business to the next level!

Submit a Support Ticket

We help you solve most issues within 24 hours

Experiencing issues with Stand Out From The Pack Software? We're here to help! Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you in resolving any problems you may encounter through a support ticket.

To ensure the best possible assistance, please submit a support ticket by filling out the form below. Our team will review your request and respond via email as soon as possible.

Once you've submitted your support ticket, you'll receive a confirmation email with a ticket number. Expect a prompt response from our team within a few hours (often sooner). We strive to efficiently resolve all issues, ensuring uninterrupted use of our software.

If you require even faster and more personalized support, consider our 'Premium Account Support' option. Click here for more details on this option, which includes dedicated support, monthly consulting sessions, strategic marketing advice, active account monitoring, and 1-on-1 tech support via Zoom. Benefit from personalized attention, expertise, prompt responses, and secure sessions to maximize your software usage and achieve your business goals.

Submit a Support Ticket

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Billing FAQs

To access your billing information, go to the 'Settings' (bottom left corner) and click on 'Company Billing'.

There, you can find all the details about your subscription plan. You can also modify your subscription, update your payment method, view your remaining account credits, and check your billing history.

Account Credits

Your account has a feature called "account credit" that covers various services like Usage Fees for Phone & SMS Services, Email Sending Volume, Email Address Validations, Premium Workflow Actions and Triggers (e.g., Workflow AI actions, webhooks), AI Text Content Generation, AI Image Generation, and Conversation AI. Each month, your account credit will be replenished based on your software subscription plan. When your account credit reaches zero, it will automatically be topped up with an amount set by you, starting from $5. This feature is known as "auto-recharge".

For a detailed breakdown of our fees, please visit our fees page.

For example, $10 in credits would cover approximately 122 outbound or 910 inbound call minutes, or 177 sent or 1213 received SMS messages, or 7408 emails, or 2000 email address validations, or 500 premium workflow actions, or 37038 AI generated words, or 55556 AI Images, or 223 AI Workflow Actions, or 167 AI Conversation messages.

Please note that this estimate is based on our policy and actual usage may vary.

Still need help with billing? Click next to submit your enquiry, we are here to help.

*The more details you provide, the faster and easier we can assist you.
To find your account ID please go to 'Settings' ➝ 'Business Profile' ➝ 'General Information' ➝ 'Location ID' ➝ Copy the Location ID

Provide your customer details

Take your experience with Stand Out From The Pack Software to THE NEXT LEVEL with our Premium Account Support

This package offers dedicated support, monthly consulting sessions, strategic marketing advice, active account monitoring, and 1-on-1 tech support via Zoom. Benefit from personalized attention, expertise, prompt responses, and secure sessions to maximize your software usage and achieve your business goals.

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