Still using pen & paper?

Do you get clients to fill up a paper form before they engage in your fitness program?

Still using pen & paper?

Do you get clients to fill up a paper form before they engage in your fitness program?

There are still soo many many fitness professionals and studio owners out there still going on with old  paper way of admin.  Are you one of them?

You may like to say "I'm old school, I'm good like that.."
But here is a deal..

You are wasting time on unnecessary admin instead of doing what really matters, helping your clients get better results.

Let's look at one scenario..

Trainer when meeting a new potential client.

You organise a meeting with a client, you sit down, you talk about their goals, history etc and then you (or them) complete a paper form.
During this "Free Consultation," you may find out that they have some medical history that will require them to see a GP for a clearance.
You send them off there and tell them to come back once they've been cleared.

Now ... while you wait for them to get back your admin begins, you retype all their contact details to your phone, you add them to your mailing list, then you scan the form and save it in your laptop somewhere safe. You then take the paper form and store it somewhere safe too. 15 mins later you are done...

... still waiting for that client to come back to you...

and you 've already spent more than an hour of your time and made zero income.

Or what about those PDF forms you send your clients?

Them having to print it out at work (the less technical crowd) and fill it up with a pen then scan it and send back to you, so that you can spend good 10 mins trying to de-code their bad typing making it almost impossible to read the info?

All of this is just so unnecessary

.. I mean think about it.. not only you are wasting away paper every day (making it for a very non-eco friendly business) but on top of it all, you then have to spend time on unnecessary admin (not to mention the responsibility you have for storing such documents safely).

Aren't you tired of all this? What's up with all this extra admin?

This is not what you've signed up for  right? You just want to help people.. not be in the office all the time right?

Don't you wish there could be a simpler way?

We have a solution for you!

What if we told you that we could:
  • Automatically Red Flag high risk clients

    Automatically Red Flag any medical issues your clients may have before even meeting them

  • Increase your sales conversion during consults

    By knowing important details about clients in advance

  • Save you hours and hours of your admin

    By automating the whole process of client registration, risk assessment and administering data in to all your systems.

  • Get rid of all paperwork for you (and save some trees)

    Making the whole process fully digital and save in the cloud.

  • Make registration process easy for your clients

    No more back and forth emails, printing and scanning etc.

  • Automate the process of storing data safely

    Safely stored on your own Google Drive.

  • Email completed forms both to you and your client as a PDF

    Generated PDF upon each registration .. all automatically!

  • Create one place for you to see all clients information

    One neat spreadsheet to see all new clients information and segment by date of birth, gender and so on.

Try it for yourself!

Try this example so you get the idea what we're talking about here..
Please note this is for demonstration purposes only, do not provide sensitive details as this is publicly available demo.

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